Hot Jazz Jubilee 2018

August 31 - Sept  3, 2018

~ INVITED BANDS for 2018~

High Street Party Band
Bob Draga w/ Friends
Crescent Katz
Yosemite Jazz Band
Yve Evans & Company
Holland & Coots
Grand Dominion Jazz Band
Larry Ski Quartet 

Todd Morgan & the      Emblems
Sister Swing
Cornet Chop Suey
High Sierra Jazz Band
Pub Crawlers
Shelley, Bill & Eddie
Gator Nation
Cocuzzi Courtet
Dave Bennett Quartet


                Royal Society Jazz Orchestra ~ 
Saturday night Grand Ballroom Dance band

More bands to be announced as they are contracted.


Introducing:     Cheryl Burt
along with:         Eddie Erickson
                             Claudette Stone
                             Pat Yankee
                             Kylie Castro